Koreatown BBQ and Karaoke Scene

Koreanbbq-august2013Koreatown New York has the best variety of delicious Korean barbecue. Ktown2-august2013 If you’ve never had Korean BBQ, you’re in for a treat.  There are a host of excellent choices to try this unique and satisfying cuisine.  Check out some recommended NYC Korean BBQ Restaurants here: http://cbsloc.al/cToviJ


After a delicious meal join friends for singing Karaoke in one of many Karaoke bars in Koreatown.

Ktown-august-2013Bring your courage and your most lively, outgoing friends and you’ll be sure to have a fun time. Find the Karaoke Bars in Koreatown here: http://bit.ly/kw99vD



Koreatown Historic Building – The Old Grolier Club

ImageLocated in Koreatown NY at 29 East 32nd Street, The Old Grolier Club is a New York City designated landmark.


Via NYTimes. It has been a midtown puzzle, a curious, neo-Romanesque gem out of place in its surroundings of tall lofts and offices. Now the building, built for and occupied by the Grolier Club from 1889 to 1917, has reopened as the Grolier, a membership supper club.


Members with similar interests once again cross the doorway, but those interests are not the ones that, on Jan. 23, 1884, brought a group of men together in the home of Robert Hoe at 11 East 36th Street. They founded a club devoted to appreciating the book arts and named it for Jean Grolier de Servieres, a 16th-century French book connoisseur.



Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/1990/09/16/realestate/streetscapes-the-old-grolier-club-recycling-an-1890-s-survivor.html

Food: Bunch, Koreatown

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Do Go!

Image1. Variety & Price: For $2.50-$3.50 choose from kimchi, beef, curry, shrimp, red bean,mushroom and bacon with kimchi steamed buns. 

2. Speed: It is take-out only and fast. Korea town is bustling so it is easy to eat these buns on the street.

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Historic Radisson Martinique on Broadway-NYC Landmark

Radisson Hotel 53 West 32nd Street formerly Ma...

Radisson Hotel 53 West 32nd Street formerly Martinique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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A member of the Historic Hotels of America and New York City’s oldest operating hotel, the Radisson Martinique on Broadway stands majestically at the corners of Broadway and 32nd Street in Greeley Square where it first opened its doors in 1900 amid the “champagne sparkle” of Broadway where it was said by Henry Collins Brown, curator of the Museum of the City of New York, that all the world came “to shop, to dine, to flirt, to find amusement, and to meet acquaintances.”

Hotel Martinique

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons http://bit.ly/11ePGpr

A stunning Beaux Arts building (the neoclassical architectural style taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris), the Hotel Martinique was designed by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, the renowned New Jersey-born American architect who also designed the Dakota Apartments in Central Park West (1884), the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston (1912), New York’s Plaza Hotel (1905), and the Willard Hotel in Washington D.C. (1902) amongst many other beautiful buildings. http://bit.ly/16aZQHh

The building was designated a New York City landmark in 1998.

Photos from Koreatown NYC July 2013

Everyday there is something new to photograph in this bustling neighborhood. Here are a few photos from a recent visit to K-town. Enjoy!



Koreatown: Where to Eat

Via NYTimes

In 2009, Sam Sifton wrote that Madangsui was Kirsten Luce for The New York Times In 2009, Sam Sifton wrote that Madangsui was “heaven in Midtown.”

In this week’s $25 and Under column, Betsy Andrews chose to graze along the main drag of Manhattan’s busiest Korean neighborhood, looking for places to snack. But for years, Times reviewers have found good places to sit down and enjoy a meal in Koreatown. There are plenty of others that aren’t listed here. Do you have a favorite? (Or are you not so crazy about some of these?)

Read the full story at: http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/22/koreatown-where-to-eat/

$50 Dollar Dates: Spaced out in Korea Town

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So…it’s Saturday night. The weather is hot, the sun is just beginning to go down, and the streets of NYC are filled with people dressed to impress. Unfortunately for you, these people have money and you don’t. So you figure what the hell, netflix and grub hub right? Maybe a little xbox 360? Well that sounds all well and good until get a message back from that hot college student/photographer you’ve been fawning over saying she wants to go out…with you. You have a crumpled twenty dollar bill in your back pocket, two fives, nine singles and an assortment of coins; what do you do?

Luckily for you, I have the answer. Pull out your unlimited metro card, scoop up your date, and take her to Korea Town. Located just outside of Herald Square (32nd st) Korea Town is one of those slices of New York that you may have…

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